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Sofia Bertrand

901 Lip Scrub ( Hyaluron Lip Scrub )

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Discover the lip scrub, an addictive must-have created with the best hyaluronic acid and vitamin E! Softer, smoother and hydrated lips.
This lip scrub is enriched with softening and conditioning ingredients such as valuable oiled hyaluronic acid, shea butter and vitamin E, to gently remove dead skin cells, nourishing, preparing, conditioning and softening the feel of the lips. Perfect lips, conditioned and prepared to apply lipstick or lip balm easily and prolong its duration. Helps to restore dry lips after cold days. Soothes dehydrated lips after a day in the sun.

5 mL.


- Treatment for damaged and chapped lips.

- Moisturising, nourishing and powerful antioxidant treatment. 

- Exfoliating and protective treatment for lips against environmental stressors.

- Helps to brighten lips.

- Works to reduce hyperpigmentation.

- Enhance the natural shine of the lips.




Moisturising booster and anti-ageing treatment 

New generation of highly hydrated hyaluronic acid that for the first time can be formulated in oil, produced by sustainable manufacturing processes (biofermentation) using only natural raw materials, a specific molecular weight HA (<50 kDa) is incorporated into a microemulsion:

Prevention of transepidermal water loss

Water retention in the dermis 

Improvement of the biomechanical properties of the skin.

It is packed with highly concentrated long and short chain hyaluronic molecules that provide intensive hydration. Works as a super enhancer against wrinkles caused by dehydration as well as lip skin imperfections. Intensely moisturised lips. 


Highly moisturising, Moisturising, retains moisture in the skin. Anti-ageing. Protection against UV radiation. Healing. Depigmenting. Anti-inflammatory.


Heart of vitamin E: liposoluble antioxidant, protects against free radicals.

Powerful antioxidant that helps prevent premature ageing, delaying the appearance of imperfections, expression lines and wrinkles. 

It has a photo-protective effect: topical application of vitamin E prior to sun exposure has been shown to be effective in reducing the damage caused by sun exposure, such as sunburn and the appearance of wrinkles. It also has an anti-inflammatory action, helping to soothe and regenerate damaged skin. 


Fine-textured for gentle and effective exfoliation of dead skin cells, helping to bring lips back to life. 


Gentle and natural made from white rice. The rice particles work to gently remove dead skin cells without irritating the skin, leaving the skin refreshed and revitalised.

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901	Lip Scrub ( Hyaluron Lip Scrub )
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